"Embrace the Edges" is about taking life for what it is and embracing all of it. The moments of pure bliss and the moments of absolute distress. That’s what you get when you roam this planet, you get everything, including the edges. Lay into it. Ride through it.

We plan to promote this mentality by showcasing people who emulate this
lifestyle. Pilots, surfers, snowboarders, motorcycle riders, skaters, etc. These people live near mental and physical edges and know what it’s all about.


- Van is a Dutch word that broadly describes a few words, but the one in
particular that we like to focus on is FROM. To come from, or overcome,
or go onto somewhere from something.
- Røyke is that something. This is a Norwegian word which describes

For us, Van Royke means to prevail from the smoke. To come from the hazy
unknown into clear certainty. The certainty that things will be equally enjoyable
and frustrating, and the only way to realize this truth is to go through it.